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v3.3.28993 broken?


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Having been auto-updated to the latest beta of v3.3 this morning, I'm sorry to say that the experience post-update has been less than ideal.

After the restart, µtorrent crashed almost immediately, with repeated restarts and subsequent crashes. It got so bad I had to try to stop all the current downloads before the next crash.

When I finally managed that, I noticed that almost 30 of the entries in my queue had been moved to the hidden label.

I then proceeded to try to re-add these to the queue by copying the magnet URI, deleting the entry and re-adding the entry from the URI. When I restarted the downloads, even one by one, the crashes started up again, and I really do not have any inkling as to why.

For now I've had to revert to v3.2.3, which seems to behave surprisingly well. I'd still like to be able to return to the 3.3 version though, but for that to happen I need help or a magic eight-ball to find the root of the problem.

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