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Disconnect in game without downloading,only with it opened.


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Hello,first of all i am Brazilian,so im sorry for this horrible english.

In second,its no so easy to me to read to many topics telling in an technical language how to solve a problem,so i confess that i not have searched alot in this forum about my error.

So,lets go to my problem.

My internet is an 5 MB connection.My mondem its DSL-500G and my router its DL-524.

I have one brother that likes to download using uTorrent in he notebook,and i like to play online games in my computer.So,we share the same internet connection.

This problem is : When he open uTorrent (Only open,dont need to be downloading anything) i get disconnected in my games.My ping goes high,i got disconneted every 2-10minutes.I know that torrent's take much internet connection but i have an 5MB,even if he was downloading in 50kbps i got disconnect.Why? I have that problem about 2 years.So,asking here its my last choice !

Thank you! And sorry about my english,i hope its not so bad.:|

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