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RSS difficulty at my wits end - matching completely unrelated shows?


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I've done some reading and I was pretty confident I knew how the RSS syntax worked, however see this screenshot I've whipped up.


You can see the history window I've pasted into it there, it's picked up 3 different named shows, on completely different season numbers under my "Archer (2009)" search item

What am I doing wrong here?

Link is here which won't resize? http://i.imgur.com/UuyPel4.jpg

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I'm pretty sure the "|" means "or" so that' probably your issue. Looks like you're telling it to match the filter when *720p* is in the name (which is often). Since you are selecting the quality as 720p below you don't need that anyway. I would change the filter to just *archer* (that works for me).

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