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uTorrent Mac Labels: revised (updated)


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Hi folks,

we are glad to announce that starting from version 1.9.0 (beta) uTorrent will feature revised Labels. We hope you’ll like them.

We introduced several major changes. First, labels are now permanent, and you’ll find several default labels in the sidebar and ‘Add Torrent’ dialogue: Documents, Music and Movies.


Second, you can set different download location to each label. Just right click on any label in the Sidebar and choose "Edit Label" from context menu:


Default labels have them predefined as Documents, Music and Movies folders on your Mac but they are disabled by default. To enable it go to "Edit Label" and check "Set download location". It became easier to sort torrents by type (video, audio, documents, applications) and move multiple torrents to a new download directory, too. Just add them to a label with a specific directory and all the files will be moved there.


To narrow the selection, you can specify the torrent name or part of it. Say, if you want that all new episodes of your favourite ‘Pioneer one’ series were automatically detected, labelled and downloaded to a certain directory, open ‘New Label', set desired download location, choose 'Video' from file types and enter ‘Pioneer One’ in the name field.



P.S. We will appreciate your feedback!

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I just switched to the latest Beta and I got that pop-up in the beginning, I've selected no, but all labels still got messed up :(. Some even disappeared.


Omg, uTorrent even moved files around...

Seriously, it is very tricky nowadays to determine if torrent is a music or a document by file extension: it can be album inside .iso, it can be archive, it can be a set of audio files, or it can be audio book what has nothing to do with the music.

Unfortunately, I don't think this feature will ever do anything good, at least for me.


Just wanted to give props for making it possible to change download locations of all torrents inside a label just by changing label's download location.

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New labels are terrible and incovinient thing.

First of all during launch some of my labels disappear.

When I try to assign a labme (by mistake) the files are moving to new locations that is a mess.

We need an option for those of us who liked old labels or implement labels and some other thing (tags for exmaple) to move files.

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