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More advanced overhead limit traffic


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I reach 830 kb/s on download speed. So when I browse a website and view a YouTube video the download traffic goes down to 730 kb/s. That is not enough for example a 720p HD video. So it makes this function pretty useless.

With advance I mean you should be able to set setting yourself for what speed you want uTorrent to go down to when doing something else, like say I want my uTorrent download speed to be 500 kb/s when I stream a video... and also the timeout, it should maybe stay at 500 kb/s +20 seconds after I stop watching the video, just because many time you start a new video, so it doesn't go up/down all the time.

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And how will uTorrent 'know' that you are watching a video on YouTube???

There are some things that YOU have to be responsible for and take appropriate action when necessary.

Isn't that what overheadtraffic is about? Giving quality of service by computing how much that YouTube requires to stream correctly and by that lowering the torrent traffic.

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ciao, I think your comments are getting offtrack. Obviosuly uTorrent protocol is used by uTorrent, and not the web browser. Nicolini actiually had a very good question when he/she asked

Yea, it's the uTP we are talking about. It seems to work just fine when streaming something with SopCast for example even using 3000kbps streams, I see my download speed go down to 200 kb/s. But why isn't this effective with YouTube?

My reply to Nicolini is this:

There are several reasons you might have a different experience with different websites' video streaming. Most of the reasons are entirely outside of the control of you and uTorrent. It comes down to the website's implementation, the network topology between you and the website, and the way TCP and IP protocols work. If one site uses multiple connections, it will have a bandwidth advantage over a site that uses a single connection for streaming, for example.

uTP is only totally effective if you disable all non-uTP connections in the uTorrent settings. If uTorrent connects to peers not using uTP, then that is a fixed amount of bandwidth that uTorrent can't release automatically, and since it uses many connections, isn't shared well with other internet activity. The downside is, you lose the ability to connect to many if you do this, and sometimes you Bittorrent speeds will suffer or you may not even be able to connect to any peers in the unusual case. You have to decide which is more important.

If you have already disabled non-uTP connection capability, then there's not much more you can do. You can try configuring your router to give your uTorrent traffic the lowest priority on your WAN link, if your router can do that. That should help.

P.S. - If All else fails - remember the "Pause all torrents" and "REsume all torrents" option with the uTorrent icon in the system tray.

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