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µTorrent 3.3 Stable


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Per the graph, it filled the 128MB cache and then stopped downloading. After a short bit, it decided to screw the cache limit and just put the rest of the data in there too.

Yeah, same bug. Limit overflow.

I selected 35 torrents, right click, Advanced, Set Download Location. Picked a shared drive on my server for each of them. It moved 32 before it died.

Fooling around on untested beta-ground will do you no good... :P

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The "Label" directing the torrent to download in the Specified directory feature isn't there?

Correct. It will be replaced with the "auto labelling" feature when that is ready.

ciaobaby, you have indirectly answered my question. That's why my torrents aren't moving into the Completed Torrents/Site Name/ folder. Do you have any inside knowledge of when this "auto labeling" will be implemented? I really would like this feature back. I'm forced to "manually" to move the files to Completed Torrents/Site name/ folder.

This "auto labeling" thing is something I might not like/want, unless you can supply us with a little more detail how it works. Any comments would be appreciated.

And again, thank you for indirectly answering my question. I really thought I was missing something. :)

Thank You.

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µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29342) was giving me 'Connecting to Peers' today with no downloads starting. It had lots of seeds listed, and lots of peers listed, and the trackers showed working with lots of seeds available. (Uploads were still going tine). I went back to µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29126) and the very same torrents started working just fine, like normal???



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µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29342) changes some trackers, i add the following trackers














And µTorrent adds an "*" to the beginning:














the result is an invalid Url for the tracker.

Mfg. McHunter

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And what is with:


there µTorrent also adds an "*" to the URL to:


That's because it is DEAD, DECEASED, it is no more, It has ceased to be. It has shuffled off this mortal coyle and gone to meet the choir invisbule. THIS is an ex-tracker!

Open the detailed info tab and READ THE DAMNED STATUS of the tracker and then REMOVE IT.

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µTorrent Stable (3.3 build 29420) load fine at startup.

Tested on Windows 8 Enterprise x64.

But when I change the compatibility mode to Windows 7 and "Run as Administrator" program refuse to startup when Windows logon :(

Someone can solve this problem ?

I want to run it with compatibility mode changed because in normal mode program show Disk overloaded 100% and HDD led si always on :( I don't want to have this problem.

Like I said in other topic program is working fine when the compatibility mode is changed and runned as Administator, but program doesn't not startup :(

Startup in normal mode only :(

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