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Does the "Check for updates" functionality work in 3.3 stable branch ?

It seems that uTorrent does not identify that there have been bug fix releases ie. from 3.3.29462 to 3.3.29544, but this has been going for some versions now, and i always have to come to the website to see whether there has been a bug fix release.

My settings are:

silent_auto_updates = false

btapps.auto_update_btapps = false

btapps.auto_update_btinstalls = false

Check fro updates automatically = true

Update to beta versions = false

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DreadWingKnight, thanks for the quick reply, i know that the target is to move to automatic silent updates from the next minor release, i just wanted to know if this feature was working or not, if not i would suggest to remove/disable the command from the Help menu (should be quite easy) as it is quite misleading.

That's all.

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tried reverting back to build 29420 but problem still exits?

Are you asking or saying?...

Screenshot with the files tab?

I was saying it is still present. I tested on magnet links that i have downloaded before that properly skipped files. Now when i re download that magnet link again, uncheck those files. They still end up in my completed folder. It wasnt doing that until after build 29544.

I uninstalled with remove settings, and manually removed from registry as well. Upon re-installing build 29462 the problem was still there and build 29462 did not do that for me before. Only after build 29544. Is there a file i am missing to remove? Checked all AppAdata, program files etc. and made sure utorrent was deleted from all areas.

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29544 broke a new record ; process utorrent.exe grown up to 1 738 960K in memory before crashing ; dl rate was only 960KB/Sec at that time, but a dozen of torrents downloading together on a local caviar green.

Perfect disk could be a beginning of an explanation, but, it does not interact with the N.A.S, so, what was so wrong with it ? Kaspersky pure has to be investigate too...

EDIT : no error message telling that crash dump failed to be sent ; was it successful ?!!

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I just installed the new version and lost all of my downloads. WTF utorrent? Not happy.

Probably you were using "c:\program files\utorrent\" to hold your settings, and now they are in "%appdata%\utorrent" ; so you got totally new settings.dat and resume.dat . A manual copy of resume.dat from old location to new location should fix the problem.

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