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Multiple proxies timeout after a few hours - No new connections


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I've tried several socks 5 proxies and in every case they work great for a few hours, and then new connections in utorrent start failing. (under the trackers tab it shows proxy timeout) (existing connections through the proxy continue to work until they disconnect and then they're done)

If I go into the connections or bandwidth section and change anything and click apply, it starts working again. If I close the app, make sure it has completely closed and then open it again, it starts working again.

This happens on the latest public and the latest beta release and I even tried the alpha and it happens there.

What am I doing wrong? (I have everything checked off in the connection other than randomize port so that everything is going through the proxy.)

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the only solution I have found (so far) is shutting down utorrent and then starting it back up again.

I've been tempted to automate this (since this is pretty much all my server does all day). I'm hoping there are better solutions though.. and there is a good reason to use proxies, so don't say don't use them.

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