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Torrent stops because it's a virus?


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Unless you are running uTorrent plus there is NO virus scanning in uTorrent, so something else is stopping it.

What client and build are you running?

What OS?

What anti-virus?

Are there any messages logged?

Does uTorrent give any error dialogues?

AND if you are running uTorrent Plus. ... Read This >>> http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=115884

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1. 3.3, build 29038 (32-bit)

2. Windows XP Professional SP 3, with latest updates, fresh install

3. Microsoft Security Essentials

I don't think the others matter here. The problem is caused by a dot. On my system (and 3 other computers I tested on), if folder name ends with ".", they are truncated and when uTorrent tries flushing the cache to the disk, it doesn't find it. That's a bug in uTorrent, temporary fix would be to rename every torrent that ends with dot :)

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