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An old directory moving bug is revisiting


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Aloha, using uTorrent v3.3 build 29004 results in the following behavior (beta v3.3 b28965 does NOT exhibit this behavior however)

I created 3 sub folders:




Which should be fairly obvious which each one is for. With the latest build, torrents no longer get put in their respective subfolders:

Example, E:\Torrents\2_Downloading\Video1\videofile1.avi; E:\Torrents\2_Downloading\Video2\videofile2.mp4 - now it's just E:\Torrents\2_Downloading\videofile1.avi; E:\Torrents\2_Downloading\videofile2.mp4

Also, when videofile1.avi gets done downloading, the 2_Downloading folder gets moved into E:\Torrents\1_Completed\2_Downloading and then proceeds to see videofile1.avi from there while downloading videofile2.mp4 to there as well.

Also, while seeding from E:\Torrents\1_Completed\2_Downloading, if I add another torrent via magnet link, 2_Completed gets recreated in it's original location (E:\Torrents\2_Downloading) and after THAT torrent gets done, it moves to E:\Torrents\1_Completed\2_Downloading, and E:\Torrents\2_Downloading disappears again :(

This was a reported bug sometime last year, and it got fixed. It's back, and still annoying.

My setup: Windows Server 2008 Standard (not R2). Aforementioned folders are all on their own dedicated drive (so I'm dealing with a fast "move" operation, instead of a copy op from 1 drive to another). I add ALL my torrents via magnet links, and only via the WebUI (I use a FireFox add on that interfaces with the WebUI that intercepts .torrents and magnet links).

I have not tried adding a torrent either via .torrent file or via magnet link directly on my uTorrent server box, if this bug is anything like what we encountered last year, it wouldn't make a difference HOW the torrent was added.

Just a heads up.

Weird: My server at home runs the older beta v3.3 b28695, and doing an update check says there's no new updates available. was build 29004 pulled?

EDIT: Same type of bug as referenced in this post from October, 2012: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=125248

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