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Show "Get Started" Page bug


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If I click on Help-> Show Get Started Page, I get the page with the video and "Get started" appears in the Sidebar list. If I click in the Sidebar anywhere else (e.g. Downloading, Completed,...) the "Get started" page is still on the top and nothing changes.

Version 3.3.

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uTorrent 3.3.29038 (latest stable release, as of 31 jan 2013)

Windows 8 64-bit

I have the same problem as you! Yesterday I updated from uTorrent (worked fine) to version 3.3.29038, and experienced 2 major problems.

1) The sidebar did not react to any mouseclicks at all. In fact, I was not able to exit the "Get Started" guide in any other way than restarting uTorrent. Restarting got me back to normal "Torrents"-page-view, but the sidebar would still not react to any mouse clicks.

See the screenshot for my sidebar setup, might that be of any help:


2) GUI on the "Torrents" section was not updating! It was stuck like a dead screenshot and showed no progress whatsoever, while torrents were successfully downloading and uploading, only the GUI was stuck at startup position and not showing any updates in speed/connections/status/etc.

My old uTorrent version ( worked fine. I rolled back and it worked fine again.

I can not understand how it is possible for developers of uTorrent to release a so-called "stable" version which is unusable at all.

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