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Weird Lock Icon For Downloaded Torrent Files?


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I got a slight issue with downloaded torrent files.

After I reformatted my computer and reinstalled utorrent, now, every time I finished downloading a torrent file, the icon will be accompanied with a weird "lock" icon (please refer to picture below), however, I tried playing it on my computer and it seems I can play it without any problems anyway. I tried dragging it into a pendrive and the transfer is successful. But if possible, I would like to remove this icon altogether. Do I have to change some settings on my utorrent?

Here's the picture in question.


Link for bigger sized image: http://i.imgur.com/u76Ei6o.jpg

All of them are downloaded via utorrent. The ones in circles are the ones with the "weird lock" icon, the rest are downloaded before my computer was reformatted.

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It means that the current user or user group has read only permissions to those files. Usually due to the originator of the torrent having the files in a security enabled location such as My Documents, My Music etc.

Use the security tab in Folder Properties to reset the ownership and permissions.

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