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Speeds went from 1.1 MB/s to 200 KB/s overnight.. please help!


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Hey, total internet noob here,

I was downloading a torrent on my laptop the other day over WiFi and getting around 1.1 MB/s download speeds. Now, when I try downloading torrents on my new tower, I get speeds between 80-200 KB/s max...

and it's only uTorrent downloads that are this slow, downloading a file on Chrome goes around 900KB/s and Steam downloads move at 1.3 MB/s

Please help, it took me 18 hours to download a 5GB program for school and I can't keep working like this!

Also, when running the setup for uTorrent, it suggested download speeds of 1.1 MB/s as expected, but when it finds a port, it says "Results: Port is not open (you are still able to download)". I tried multiple times with multiple port numbers and even random and they all give me the same message.

Are these problems related?

Thanks in advance

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