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cant utilize 100 mb upload speed


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A intelligent answer according to the amount of information I have provided could be something like this:

- having a fixed ip

- mapping a specific port no. to utorrent

- enable seeding preference

- not setting bandwidth properties (max upload/download rate, max number of connections/connected torrents/number of slots per torrent) to high, rather leaving margins in order to provide resources for the utorrent application

- not setting Queuing properties to their max.

- going to the advanced options and testing these, such as the bt.connect_speed, queue.slow_ul_threshold etc.

So my answer to you is exactly the same, please do not respond to this thread, if you neither have any intelligent answer.

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A fixed IP won't help.

Port is mostly for server, unless you somehow have a firewall that blocks outgoing ports.

Any random over 1024 should be ok, I have it set to 1337. :P

You can use any, if you want.

If you want to test your speed I recommend sites like http://speedtest.net/ [ Speedtest.net - The Global Broadband Speed Test ]

If you live in Sweden, http://www.tptest.se/ [ Bredbandskollen ]

My result for 100/10 Mbit/s:


Also good to try, in µTorrent: Options > Setup Guide, it will measure your connection and set it up based on the results.

BitTorrent is not that good for measuring speed.

A private tracker is your best bet, in that case.

Download speed is usually higher for everyone and thus they can't provide you with high upload, as you download from regular users, like yourself.

Not everyone got same upload speed as their download speed.

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