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Multiple Instances of uTorrent.exe keep running on Windows 8


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I've started using Windows 8 a few weeks ago, I installed uTorrent 3.2.3 stable build.

I noticed the problem when I try to delete a downloaded .mkv file. I closed uTorrent and watched the mkv after that I tried to delete it and I received "This action can't be completed because the file is open in another program." error message. First I checked whether the mkv player is still on or not, it wasn't. Then I went through Task Manager/Details section and I saw 3 instances of uTorrent.exe is running with different port numbers even tho I closed uTorrent application. I tried to end these tasks and Windows told me that "This operation can not be completed. Access Denied." I tried running cmd as an administrator and force kill the task and it didn't work either.

Basically, I after I run uTorrent.exe first time after a reboot, it can not kills uTorrent.exe when I close the application and therefore they got stacked. The only way to kill these is to reboot system.

Any ideas about how to fix this situation ?

Thanks in advance.

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