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Automatically download torrents feed option missing?


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it is present, though not quite in the same way as in windows. You need to create a smart feed for this feed (in the dialogue box, choose the feed in 'apply to' menu, checkbox for autodownload is already there, you can also specify download location). It is a bit more complicated, but we are working on improving usability of our client, so we will take this into consideration.


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Thanks. You are welcome to promote any other ideas concerning this :)

doesn't work, i made a smart feed to auto-download "everything" from my other feeds. i've had 3 new shows pop up in those feeds, nothing has downloaded. the new shows appear in the original feeds perfectly, i love this.. but the smart feed isn't picking them up and i still have to manually double click to download. which is a pain.

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I have the same problem. I have googled this for about a week now and it seems EVERYONE has the same problem using an rss like ShowRSS and utorrent (any version from the newest to way back in 2010 I have found posts about this).

Can someone please tell us how to make this work? If I have to get another app to "get" the feed and load the files to utorrent.....I'll just bail on utorrent completely :-(

For reference I'm using this feed:


It will populate, but will NOT automatically download. I've tried adding and readding it, using a different rss feed (different site), turning off smart ep filter.

Newest just released version of utorrent, completely uninstalled and then reinstalled.

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