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disabling "Torrent is already in list" pop-up?


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Greetings Friends, this looks like a friendly place to ask a question:

I'm sure you're all aware of the "Torrent is already in list, do you want to add trackers?" modal pop-up window. Quite annoying imho. Is there any way to disable this? I don't really care if it adds the trackers or not, I just want it NOT to pop-up a window when adding a torrent that's already in my list.

If you care to know the specific reason (perhaps for alternate suggestions), it's because I have a lot of automatic torrent download rules going on (so some duplicates are inevitable). And sometimes when I come home from work, I'll find utorrent covered with a dozen of these pop-ups which I then have to click through one by one, just so I can actually take a look at my torrent list.

That is all, thank you for reading, and I greatly appreciate any help you may have to offer :)

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