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Disk Overloading with over 1GB cache; uT writing very slowly to disks


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I'm running Windows 2008 R2 with 16GB of RAM and six core CPU.

I use to run Ubuntu on this server and had no problems with WINE and uTorrent, but ever since I've installed Windows and uTorrent 3.3, I have been getting horrible performance.

I will be leeching around 40MB/s and will fill the cache up instantly. It will write to the disk at around 0-30/s as shown in the screenshot below:


In the screenshot, I've actually stopped downloading the torrent for about 5 mins, so that is why the cache is half filled.

My disk are set to RAID 0 so I don't understand the problem. I can transfer from my NAS at 70MB/s with no problem.

I've also set the disks to "turn off windows write-cache buffer flushjing on the device" in the device manager.

Please advise.

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I've installed Deluge as a temporary measure and it works, but not without it's own faults (GUI crashing after __ amount of time)

Downloading the same torrent, I was able to leech at around 20-30MB/s. Other torrents, I was able to leech and upload at the same time.

I don't want to continue using Deluge, but it does offer some insight as to whether my system is at fault.

Are there any settings that I can try with uTorrent to fix this issue?

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