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Can't find where my files have downloaded


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Hi there :)

I've downloaded (FINALLY. It took forever) some TV show torrent files and this was not the first time I've used u-torrent, but I can't for the life of me find where they've actually saved to on my computer.

I've looked through the expected folders on my PC but nothing is there, and I can't work out how to find a path name or anything when in u-torrent so I can locate them.

Also, I tend to only download TV series. In the past, I've downloaded a 16 episode TV series (22 minutes per episode) and it took about 3 days (but it wasn't downloading constantly for that whole time. It was just whenever I was on the computer and it'd be downloading in the background).

But this particular time, as I mentioned above, it took FOREVER and I only had 7 (22 minute) episodes of this same TV show. The files seem ok, but it took literally over 2 WEEKS to get them finished. And now I can't even find them! HELP!!! :)

Thank you!

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