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Prefer local route to the peer


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Two users in LAN tries to download the same file using uTorrent.

Current behavior:

1 There are two peers visible - one with local IP (10.x.x.x) and one for external white IP for the same peer.

2 uTorrent transfers data using both of these routes - fast local connection and expensive external one.

I suggest that communication via external IP hould be blocked while the local connection is available with the same peer. It will allow to utilize external brandwidth more effectively only for new segments. Already downloaded segments will be exchanged between local users only via LAN.

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Why not, ciao? As far as I know, the request is not outside the specifications for Bittorrent, but completely compatible with it. Am I wrong?

P.S. Aaah! I hit "report" on your post and directed my reply to the mods..

Mods, disregard that. Maybe I'll find a place for forum feature requests and request that "Report" not be the link next to "Quote" while leaving "Reply" on the other side of the screen... My eyes aren't that good!

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