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I want to post my very big critical issue with uTorrent 3.3 29010...

So the problem is: when uTorrent download multi-file torrents and I pick up only some of them - it is create also files that I doesn't EVER want to have on disk - I want ONLY those files, which I check, and don't walk through all possible folders after every time for deleting those files.

Even worse, when I _only_ do the re-hash - some files are created too (!!!)

I tried following settings: PreAllocate on/off,compact on/off,sparse files on/off, parfile on/off - the result is the same. Only the size of files are different.

So, please, tell me how I can do that ???, if this is even possible with uTorrent.

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1. Maybe some settings are different, because I install bittorent recently, but "No" - I added the same torrents to bittorent, even try download with PreAllocate on/off - no other files, only those that I'm picked up

2. I don't want to remove task, just don't ever had (especially after re-hash) or easily remove those files:

a) because it is trash for me and it is hard to find needed files and need many time to filter them,

B) my disk is full after a short period of time because of them

this two issues together driving me crazy

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Sorry to bring up this old thread, but I agree with the OP and want to confirm this issue. (I posted a bug report about this earlier.) Builds starting with 29010 have trouble dealing with cross-file pieces. They create files that you chose to skip and don't use partfiles correctly. So even if you only want a 5kb file in a torrent and there is a 5gb file next to it, uT will create that 5gb file as well--a huge waste of space. That didn't happen in 28883. This issue mostly happens with magnet links.

I don't understand DreadWingKnight's dismissive replies. The reasons are:

1. Something has changed after build 28883. That version handles cross file pieces just fine. So it's clearly possible to use partfiles to deal with all cross file pieces.

2. Current release versions handle cross file pieces just fine, at least better, with torrent files as opposed to magnet links. It's usually magnet links that fail. So this behavior is obviously not by design.

BTW, I did test the latest version of BitTorrent--it has the same issue.

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