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Select Multiple Files in torrent > Relocate = Paths set incorrectly


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uTorrent v3.2.3 build 28705 (I can't update to 3.3 yet or alpha/beta due to tracker policies)

I've noticed this in prior versions 3.x versions too, but haven't reported. I don't recall if it was an issue with 2.x.


Relocating more than one file at a time among a torrent's files results in the path being set incorrectly -- not as selected in the folder browser.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Select a multi-file torrent. E.g. "My Torrent" whose files are located in, e.g. "C:\Downloads\My Torrent"

2. Highlight/Select 2 or more files in a torrent's Files tab.

3. Right Click > Relocate

4. Browse to desired folder (E.g. "C:\Other Folder")

5. Confirm folder selection by clicking [save]


Path for relocated files is set to, e.g., "C:\Other Folder\My Torrent\[filename...]"

Expected Result:

Path for relocated files set to, e.g., "C:\Other Folder\[filename...]"


Relocate one file at a time for expected result.


The expected result is consistent with the behavior when relocating only one file at a time. Also, note that uTorrent seems to think that the file is in the correct folder (e.g. "C:\Other Folder\[filename...]") but if indeed it is, it will not find it. If the torrent is still downloading, a second copy of those files will be downloaded to the incorrect folder noted above under "Result". If the torrent is seeding, then eventually uTorrent will notice missing files and stop the torrent if a peer requests a piece from them. Also, Force Recheck will of course show those files "missing in action" at 0%, since uTorrent doesn't remember the correct path to their location.

Thanks :)

~ lt

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