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uTorrent exits itself every 16-24 hours, with "code: 2" in Console


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I use a Mac mini mid 2010 model running Lion, with over 1240 torrents of varying size. Some 10-50GB big.

Running 1.8.3 (28758) on a RAID.

I can add a few torrents, remove a few, have some downloading at 1Megabyte per second and flushing to disk throughout the day. But it seems, after about 16-24 hours of run time from when I last started it, it always exits with a similar entry to the system's log in the Console, without any warning:

2/14/13 11:58:20.470 AM com.apple.launchd.peruser.501: ([0x0-0x302302].com.bittorrent.uTorrent[41024]) Exited with code: 2

Some torrents can be hashing or flushing to disk when it exits without warning, losing all progress on hashing and losing all data cached in RAM (I have 3GB devoted in memory to a disk cache out of 8GB total installed). It then goes through the process of re-hashing all the data, which takes forever on my RAID setup, and downloading the missing pieces again, which wastes ratio.

I was wondering what could be causing this and how do I even begin to help in getting it fixed?

EDIT: So I did a bit of research of Unix (and by extension, OS X) system exit codes, and any error with more than a 0 indicates an error.

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I setup uTorrent to log everything ("set all logging flags" in message log window) to a log overnight, from 10:25PM right till it crashed at around 8:27AM Local Time GMT-6.

Nearly 8GB of text to go through, but I focused on the last 17MB of the log. Nothing out of the ordinary, just exchanging pieces and very verbose connection logging, which has me stumped. Not 1 sign that there was an error in the uTorrent log. OS X Console error was a code "1" this time.

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