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I have this problem whenever I run IE10 and utorrent at the same time, the internet connection resets every 20-30 seconds. I am running Windows 8 , with stable drivers, utorrent 3.3 stable, and this problem ccurred every time I met the above conditions. It also seems to relate to the size of torrents being downloaded, since torrents smaller than 1GB work OK.

I have the outgoing connection set to Forced Encryption.

Also, every torrent download or upload seems to be using 1-2 threads out of 8 completely, whereas previous versions only used about 20-30% of just one.Every time I add a >1GB torrent the disk is overloaded if I set the cache at 1500 MB (I have 8GB of RAM, paging file disabled).

Can anyone please tell me if they experience these issues and maybe the devs can look into it if they have the time.

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This might sound counter productive but REDUCE the cache size to 128M - 256M

Change DNS servers in uTorrent to Google's public servers Preferences -> Advanced -> Filter on isp. or _dns

Change your network card DNS servers to use Google's public servers rather than your router DNS cache.

Google's servers are &

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