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Unable to download torrents


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I just upgraded to BTGuard 2.5 and also upgraded my uTorrent to 3.2. It will no longer download torrents. I ran a speed test in uTorrent and what I get is the bandwidth portion has a green check while the network portion has a red X stating that neither NAT-PMP nor UPnP is enabled. I have the tried with both those boxes checked under preferences, and have also tried with them unchecked like it shows under the BTGuard instructions. I have searched the web for answers and the best thing I can find is to enable these options in my router settings. I don't use a router. I tether my wireless phone. I have always tethered my wireless phone and it has always worked until now. I also tried turning off my firewall to see if that was the problem, but with no luck.

Please help

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