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Showing up as my own peer, with my actual IP, while using VPN???


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Ok, this might be nothing at all, as someone I spoke to about it suggested, but I'd like to get opinions from people who know more.

Today I noticed that my actually IP showed up for a split second as a peer on a torrent, I managed to screenshot it, I've also seen "PC" or something along those lines show up as a peer as well. The idea of my actually IP showing up is scary though, considering I'm using a VPN.

I used various IP testing software and all showed the swedish VPN IP as my IP. So the question is, is it possible that uTorrent could be leaking my actually IP?

Screenshot in question: The blue is the actual peer, the red is me.


I have the software set with a Kill switch encase of disconnection, as well as VPN leak protection.

Various IP checking services, all show the same result:





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