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Issue starting torrents through dropbox


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I am having an issue starting remote downloading of torrents through my phone to my home pc.

The idea is that I download the torrent data from KAT to my Android phone, then upload the file to my dropbox account into a torrent folder which then goes to my always on PC at home. I have set up utorrent to watch the folder for incoming torrent files and the torrent should start automatically and be done by the time I get home. (additionally I have it set to download to my network drive so I can access it from any of my computers.)

However, whenever the torrent file arrives I get a "Unable to load"xxx":torrent is not valid bencoding!"

I am using utorrent 3.3 build 29126 32-bit

running on an old hp laptop, win xp home 32-bit with fresh OS load.

When I go to the torrent website and download directly to that computer the torrent loads no problem. The problem appears to happen when the torrent goes through dropbox.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I would love to get my network up and running properly!

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