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RSS Feeds not automatically starting


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Problem is with this feed: <munched by admin - don't link content>

I can't get it to work. In the past I've used the extra parameters from dailytvtorrents "wait" & "minage" successfully... I removed them and would be happy to get anything to work at this point. Using windows7.

Date and episodes of Last Match are both: N/A

It finds the episodes, this was working last year for season 18. In the last year I've adjusted a few things etc and just cannot get it working for season 19. I removed all feeds and re added just Top Gear. I re-read info on dailytvtorrents.org.

Any ideas to get it working? I'm sure it is something simple or it could be something beyond my capabilities -I give up...


History from last year when it was working:


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UPDATE, I check the check box for TopGear in the RSS download favourites dialog screen, closed the RSS downloader dialog and a few seconds later noticed it added the 3 torrents. So it appeared the check box needed to be checked. Does the check box enable \ disable the filter?

That is the only thing I change, I`m sure I had the boxed checked at least 10x before even posting the problem... If so, sorry for wasting everyone`s time...


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