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RSS feed loads file but fails to d/l


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hi everyone,

new member here. ive been having this issue for a while now and just thought it was my machine being weird but its a prolonged issue so now ive signed up in the hope you guys can help me out, because im out of ideas!

my setup is Win 7 x64, 8Gb RAM, 2.5GHz Pentium Dual Core, 2x Maxtor STM3320820AS S-ATA HDD, using an administrator account.

i have various entries in my RSS feed. uT will load them BUT the number of seeds displays as 0 and in the download bar it says something along the lines of 'Read Error: Disk Removed please re-attach'.

if i then right click>advanced>set download location and press OK (without changing the default directory) then right click>force start it goes ahead and downloads as it should.

torrent files that are 'manually downloaded' from web sites dont have this issue it is only a problem i have experienced with the RSS feed loaded torrents.

the target directory is on an internal hard drive, and it doesnt matter if the drive is under windows power management or not. this is not an issue that has happened with previous versions of uT maybe only the most recent 2 or 3 releases...

would love to find out whats causing this because it kinda defeats the object of having the RSS setup when i have to manually start the torrents at the moment :rolleyes:

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