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My display has changed suddenlyDisplay


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My display suddenly changed. I don't know why. The main part of the screen (the upper right part) changes from a image whith all the detailed information in many colums (torrents, number of seedes, how much is downloaded, etc) to a image with only one colum with de name of the torrent and in a bit of other information. This image isn't easy to handle because I can't see when a torrent is ready. Who knows what I must do to restore the old image? I use uTorrent free, Mozilla Firefox, AVG Internet Security,. I have a WIMAX connection and a Sitecom DC-210 wired router.



Sorry if I made mistakes against the English language. I am only a foreigner,

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To mr DreadWingNight

Nobody ask me for info. I must only deliver a PrintScreen of the main display of uTorrent. Because I didn't know how I can deliver that I ask for more information. I don't think that your reaction is vey kind. I don't know why. I never met you before. If you don't want to help it is your right, but don't traite a old man like a imbecil.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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