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"You added a new torrent?.. Really? Sorry, I must've forgot ^^'" stuff

Phoenix Princesize

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In i-net surfing I frequent a certain index site. I peruse it based on my preferences and find regular releases that interest me. So I feed them to the uTorrent, the exact procedure being to click a .torrent link, then in Opera download dialogue to choose "open with uTorrent". Opera then downloads the torrent, then feeds it to uTorrent to do the latter's magic.

Lately I'm noticing the senile kind of behaviour from my uTorrent. In the evening, I'd finish my other business, check the indexing site, find something to my liking, start uTorrent downloads, then shut uTorrent and PC down and then, let's say, I'd go to sleep or something.

The point is, I do verify that uTorrent added the new torrent to the top of the list of torrents, I OK-ed the destination. It would go discover trackers, seeds and peers, start to download/upload. I just don't need it to finish that urgently, so I intend to let it download things in background when I might surf the net the next day.

That's the punchline. The program happens to forget the torrent ever being fed to it. When it is started the next day, nothing is there above seeds above queued seeds. Three times I've noticed it solidly enough to become annoyed and hard at that.

The circumstances, in case they hint on what's wrong, are as follows. I have over 260 torrents active (10 have their trackers missing), some above 120 GB. Cold start under Win7 x64 causes uTorrent to stagger some with that list, since the majority of that mass is stored on two separate HDD sata drives (both aren't system drives though). If you open a second .torrent-file while uTorrent processes the cold start (initiated by opening the first .torrent-file), the second torrent will fail to get a response from uTorrent and will have to be re-opened.

(if it's not a cold start, Win7 caching makes uTorrent pop up nearly instantly)

The connection speed is 25 MBit both ways over a VPN. No unorthodox firewall limitations known. AV software is the MS Security Essentials. Free space is over 50 GB on each of the HDDs. Whether this forgetfulness happens on coldstarts only or the other way around, I don't know and don't care enough to test.

Why the frustration on my part? Because uTorrent doesn't make it clear, when it's in the retarded mode and haven't fully grasped the fact it has a new task yet.

So, first time I thought I noticed this stuff, I've already tried one another client (and didn't like it). Now I certainly saw it again, time to look at the next alternative.

Edit: Forgive me if it's a bugreport material, wrong forum section.

Edit2: uTorrent is 3.2.3 build 28705 32-bit; but I'm not sure the phenomenon haven't happened in some previous version as well

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Three times I've noticed it solidly enough to become annoyed and hard at that.
Probably a little too much information there, but hey! Whatever turns you on as they say.
When it is started the next day, nothing is there above seeds above queued seeds.

Which means what exactly??

SO! In that long ramble are you simply trying to say that uTorrent has "lost" the jobs you added before closing down?

If so, then it is most likely because you are NOT allowing sufficient time between closing the client and shutting down the machine, which means that uTorrent will NOT have saved the data files completely and will be loading an older copy of resume.dat on restart. The more jobs you have running the LONGER it takes to save the data files and close the processes down. With two to three hundred jobs a rough approximation of waiting time for a clean shutdown would be five to seven minutes AFTER a file -> exit closedown has been sent, after which you can shutdown the machine and avoid such problems.

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