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Uploaded a new torrent - I'm not seeding it?


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I am trying to upload a torrent for the first time, and think I'm doing something wrong.

I followed the guide here: http://www.utorrent.com/help/guides/make-a-torrent

Then, I uploaded the torrent file to theaudiobookbay.com - their guidelines are here: http://theaudiobookbay.com/member/torrents.php?mode=upload

The guidelines specify "Please download the torrent you just uploaded after the submission, and START it in your bittorrent program to make it seeded. "

So I uploaded the torrent file, then downloaded it myself, and clicked start. However, the torrent is stuck at 0.0% with 0 Seeders and 3 (7) peers. Shouldn't I be a seeder, since I uploaded it? If not, then how is it ever going to get downloaded? I'm uploading 0 B.

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