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ut 3.3 slow disk read while checking files


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So, i can't figure this one out. But if i stop everything, nothing else on my computer is working besides ut and only on that 1 process. Through ut/speed/disk statistic and disk utility in windows, i am told that ut is reading at about 15/22 mb/s which i find quite slow.

drive: st3750528as (not system disk)

controller: ahci

Anyone got any ideas as to why, during check, ut does not utilising the full potential of the disk it's reading from ?

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Hard disk and fast enough

Doesn't actually answer the question asked.

Thanks for responding.

It's a hard disk drive, with spinning plates inside and a pickup whizzing about reading what is requested. Not an ssd, magnetic tapes, floppy disk, usb or whatever other storage technology you can think of.

And i already stated "and 85 mb/s would be max."

So i don't understand how this hasn't been coverd, what am i missing ?

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