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Who should do the work? ZyXEL P2601HN / Linksys WRT54GL


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Hi geniuses on routers :)

I have a setup as follows:

  • 10/2 Mbit ADSL-connection
  • ZyXEL P2601HN from ISP with firmware (recommended by customer service): V3.10(ULC.6)
  • Linksys WRT54GL v1.1 with firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp1 (07/27/08) mini - build 10011
  • My desktop computer and two laptops (laptops on wifi)
  • 2 HTC smartphones on wifi
  • Xerox printer on network
  • Videophone on network

I am using the Linksus as addition to the ZyXEL, because the phone plug for the ZyXEL is in the opposite corner of the room where my computers and printer is. Right now it is the ZyXEL doing all the work (DHCP, WiFi, NAT, QoS etc), and the ZyXEL is only working as a switch, with everything turned off.

My question is, which one is the best (most powerful) router, which one would you recommend doing the stuff - or should it be split between them?

I need to make the Linksus do the WiFi at least, because the ZyXEL has not antenna and has problem reaching our bedroom (which is only 7 meters away, but thru 2 walls and kitchen appliences such as dishwasher and stove.

I would like to use QoS (or similar?) to down prioritize torrent traffic when other traffic is going thru (e.g. web browsing, skyping or talking on my videophone. But I am worried, that QoS combined with hundreds of connections from uTorrent is overwhelming the router? What is the best solution for me?

Best regards


Ps - I found this Sticky-thread in Speed Problems saying something about connection issues, but the linked FAQ is nonexisting. I have DD-WRT v24.sp1 on my Linksys, so I should be home free, right?


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