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Re-installing Windows onto new hard drive, uTorrent problem.


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I'm planning to install a new SSD into my computer and want to do a fresh install of Win 7 on it.

Currently, I am running 186 torrents over 2 hard drives. One of the drives is a standalone and the other is a partition of the primary hard drive that has the OS on it.

I would like to keep all of these torrents running on my new install.

One of the ways which this can be done is by installing the torrent client onto the new drive, grabbing all the torrent files form the 'appdata' folder of the old drive, starting them in the client and then manually pointing each and every one of them to where its content is located (on the old hard drives since those are not affected, i don't have to transfer any files etc...) so that it can start checking. In my case, this tedious process would take several hours.

There is another way, whereby you copy the whole uTorrent folder from the %appdata% folder of the old drive and paste it into the %appdata% of the new drive.

Having my doubts, I have actually tried to do this. I installed Win 7 in Virtual Box and did what I just mentioned above. But it did not work. I opened uTorrent and it was completely empty. I would have thought that all the torrent files will be in there but their status will be red as they don't know where to seed the files from .


So, is there a simpe way of preserving the settings and the list of torrents within uTorrent once it's installed (the client) on a brand new hard drive ?

If I'm not making myself clear, please say so and I will try to explain it better.

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