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Dont want to DL all files.


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Hi there Diz9001!

Yes, it's still a standard feature.

First of all, go into the uTorrent Preferences.

UI Settings page.

Make sure "Show options to change the name and location of the torrent data" is checked in the "When Adding Torrents" section.

Hit OK

Now, when adding a new torrent:

* You should get a big window pop up -- the "Add New Torrent" dialog.

* On the right 1/3 of that window is the "Torrent Contents" section. You can uncheck any files you don't want to download (you can even later select to download the files you initially skip).


After a torrent is already in your download list, you can also change which files are selected for download:

* Highlight a torrent in your download list.

* Click the "Files" tab in the lower part of the uTorrent window.

* Note the text in the "Priority" column. It will either say "skip", or (depending on settings, normal, low, or high; or a number between 1 and 15). If it says "skip" the file won't be downloaded, anything else it will be downloaded. (Higher priority files are attempted to be downloaded first).

* To skip a file, right-click the file and choose "Don't Download"

* To download a file already set to skip, choose "Priority" then "Normal" (or a priority of your choosing).

* You can make these changes for multiple files at once by multi-selecting the files desired before right clicking (shift and ctrl keys work as in other applications for this purpose).

~ <3t ~

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