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Unable to find specified path


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Hi - I am really hoping someone can help me with a problem. I have and RSS feed going in uTorrent 1.8.2 build 14458. I've got about 40 shows setup in the RSS downloader and everything was working perfectly fine (and has been for months) until Sunday. It appears as though everything stopped working after Sunday. We have checked our ports. We have uninstalled uTorrent and reinstalled. We have checked everything we can possibly think of ... but nothing is working. We checked all of our hard drive letters to make sure none of them had changed in any way ... and they haven't. We are desperate for help at this point. It will be a complete ball ache to have to download all of our stuff manually! Can someone please please please help us. We can download them manually from the same path but they just won't download in RSS. And I might just add that I have the same uTorrent running on another laptop with an RSS feed going and its working perfectly fine. But it is saving directly to the laptop.

Thoughts? Suggestions?




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Here's some advice to start:

1.8.2 is no longer supported.

Here's some advice back... THIS is the COMMUNITY forums. If I had want support for the latest release, I'd have asked for it from a more "official" source.

Do you think if I turned up at Toyota in my 1992 Pick-up truck they'd say "Hey pal, don't complain to us... it ain't the latest model - no can help!!"??

Now, like my wife said earlier when she asking nicely if anyone could help in the COMMUNITY forums - let's just stick to the topic and thread, and not some high and mighty attitude.

1.8.2 build 14458 is one of the only universally accepted versions of uTorrent with many sources. The issue we are having has only just appeared. It was working perfectly well before, so regardless of what version it is - we know its not the version and build number that is on trial here (especially considering it's still working fine on our other laptop).

Now is there anything we can do to check - bare in mind we've already uninstalled and then re-installed (both automatically, and manually).

Please only respond if you can help :)

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