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Housemates torrents killing my whole network


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My housemates uTorrent pretty much kills our internet connection.

With his uTorrent running


Without his uTorrent running


We have a dedicated machine for torrents in the house but he won't use it for whatever reason. We can download on that at around 900kb/s without getting any network issue while playing games.

He said that he has

cut it down to half the connections and a third of the maximum speed

When I was telling him how if he allows a HEAP of connections it will flood the UPNP table in the router. I was using 2000 connections as an example. Not sure what router limits actually are on this router (Belkin F5D8633-4 v1). He said that "I have it limited to 100". Not sure if he means download rate or maximum connections or what.

Any idea why his uTorrent would be killing the whole internet so badly?

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Belkin F5D8633-4 v1

Likely this.

Is the firmware up to date on it?

2 other computers on the network that can do heavy torrenting don't cause any kind of network issues like this. Which is why I actually unplug my housemates computer when this starts happening.

Yeah firmware is up to date. We had a different router (is not around at the moment to get the model number) but after running it for like 8 months it'd start randomly disconnecting for no reason -_- Is a shame, because the better router supports multiple xbox's giving them open NAT setting where as this one gives closed.

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Here is a idea you could use.

Find a old unused pc, pop a nice big harddrive in it

install utorrent

go to settings and set

1. max global connections to 100

2. max connections to peers to 20-30

3. limit upload speed to ~50% to ~80% of you max up speed.

(Set to 1-3KB/s if you don't want to share)

4. Share a folder (Like "Torrents" or :Downloads")

5. In utorrent settings go to set Preferences > Directories >

"Put new Downloads in:" to shared folder.

6. Share another folder named (Like "AutoLoad" or "AutoStart")

7. In utorrent settings go to set Preferences > Directories >

"Automatically load .torrents from "AutoLoad" or "AutoStart" folder.

Now make every one use the utorrent server for all torrenting on your network.

I'm living in a ministry where we all share 1 internet connection with 40 other

internet devices (About 30 pc's and laptops) and a few android phones. About 4-6

people where torrenting and the internet was crazy slow so i set up a torrent server

like i described above. Now the internet is alot better and every one else can surf the

net. Currently there are 37 torrents downloading and 83 seeding and i can still play

call of duty black ops online :)

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