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Is there a easier way to Force Re-Check multiple folders ...


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Hello, I am having a issue i download music from a private tracker and download all files/folders to a dump folder L:\DUMP after a few weeks or so i auto sort them into L:\Scene\Music\2013\<Extension>\<Genre>\<Year>\<Folder:-1>\<Filename> a directory of this sort that has nodes to automatically choose where to put the music based on the nodes once i do this all the torrents in utorrent are no longer able to seed obviously, now i could just force re-check but that would be virtually impossible to do that over 1000+ times and since each Album whatever will be in a different directory based on genre,file type,year of release etc.. i would have to sit there and figure out where exactly it would be.

So my question is, is there a way that i can just force recheck a directory that's higher up so it basically scans the entire L:\Scene\Music\2013\->>>>> and down since from there is where all the music would be?

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