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i need your help


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i am new within your community.

i have already spent some hours, reading instructions, manuals, following directions, links, and many more. i almost fell asleep. more i read, less i knew, practically. i know less than little, now.

i want neither music, nor movies, games, either.

i look for a specific appz : x64 win7 ultimate sp1, armed.

why x64 version? my friend told me that a pc armed with 4gb memory and 1gb graphic card handles games much better than x32 os. i want to check if it were true.

please, send me nowhere. no more instructions. no more registrations. no more "smart-cutting-edge-technology" appz. to be downloaded, in order to comply with "this" or "that". whatever i had downloaded and installed, has been purged from my pc, for good. no more junk.

just in short form, tell me what app is needed and where to get it from.

generally, i have an idea how to manage and handle the rest.

thank you.


if it happened i submit this post in a wrong forum or topic, just let me know that.

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