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cant convert torrent game into xbox 360


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Help cant convert torrent into xbox 360 i downloaded torrent have utorrent plus program ive draged my finished torrent onto xbox 360 to convert it and transfer it but nothing happens is in queu how come is queuing when ive added only one file message says coping queued and nothing happens can anyone help me please?

DreadWingKnight links u have write down does not answer my question that only thing u putting on many many questions and u closing topics whitout solving problem so please dont answer me anymore ive read help ,faq and all that u suggested but theres only how to put torrent game what to do and press to convert file i already know that problem is that im doing it and notthing happens file not converting it stucks in message copying queued and nothing snd if on site for the program im using nobody gives ideas or solutions what to do what kinda help is that ?

please does anyone have similar problem and know what to do becouse sugestions of DreadWingKnight are sorry but useless. Please help.

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