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No incoming connections - Nothing Downloads - Need Help Pls!


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Okay, I have used regular uTorrent and uTorrent Plus for months until a month ago.

My laptop stopped being able to download anything via uTorrent.

I thought it was a firewall problem, so I looked to see if uTorrent was granted an exemption access

with the firewall and it was.

But I keep on trying to use the "Setup Guide" to check and in the "Bandwith" section it states

when I try to test with the nearest area, it says: "Connection failed error: Timed Out (10060)

And it keeps on doing that error code (10060) for every other nearest area.

But the "Network" section checks out fine, stating - "Results: Port is open. Your network is properly configured."

Also in the UI (am using uTorrent Plus 3.3) on the lower right side, there is a orange-yellow triangle with an exclamation mark in it. And hovering over it with the clicker it says - "No incoming connections. Unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration."

I bought a new laptop and router. In hopes of being able to download anything with uTorrent

and be able to connect. But the same thing........same thing......same error....

I do not know whats going on. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing uTorrent Plus.

I paid $24 for this program. And I cannot even use it, it does not have a stable connection with the internet.

What's going on? I used to be able to download anything via uTorrent. Now I am just frustrated.

Please help. I am using Malware Bytes and McAfee as my AV and Firewall.....

I even enabled "Protocol Encryption - Allow all incoming legacy connections".

What am I doing wrong?

I need to be able to use uTorrent again....

Hope for replies and somebody who can help....

Thank you for reading.

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