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A little clarification please - Network Status Indicator


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According to the help guide, the Network Status Indicator becomes green when:

means everything is fine, and you are receiving incoming connections

I assume from this, it means others are able to connect to me via my designated port and for this to happen, I have to have the appropriate ports forwarded, either manually or via UPnP?

This being the case, I'm wondering why, with UPnP disabled in my router and in utorrent, and my firewall explicitly blocking inbound connections, I still get green?



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Thanks for the reply.

I did wonder about those so I'd already disabled uTP, although as far as I know uTP uses UDP, which is blocked and I always disable tunneling, as I have native IPv6. However, I also have that disabled on the test system. Out of interest, does the Network option in 'setup' check for IPv6?

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