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Sudden loss of connection


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Hello, I've been using utorrent for several years without absolutely any problem, never even had to check the options to tweak anything. For a while I havent actively used the program but nevertheless kept it running on the backgroud uploading stuff, and as a result my ratio has skyrocketed.

Unfortunately, as I tried to use torrents again I noticed nothing will get a half decent speed, we're talking <10kb/s at all times down to absolutely 0. I tried the setup guide utility and got the "protocol error in download test" error.

I'm very sure no-one messed with any utorrent, computer or internet settings, did all I could with the common procedures and tried unninstalling the antivirus, but still no luck. If it matters, my current internet speed is: D:5203Kbs/U:1016.6

Any help is appreciated.

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Ok a few developments:

While the Glasnost test came all positive, I noticed the port it reffered wasn't the one utorrent was using, so I changed it to that one and suddenly utorrent started working again as usual, quickly finishing the 2 test downloads I had set up. Unfortunately after shutting down for the night, today I notice it's back to where it was, very very slow. I tried re-running the Glasnost test to see if I could repeat my previous steps but now it seems the test doesnt work anymore and always gets stuck at "processing data".

My latest speedtest gave the following results:

D:90.26 Mbps

U: 8.20 Mbps

As for the requested screencaps:




Again, thank you for the help.

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I've run the setup guide a few times but the error I get is always in the first part: "speed test failed: protocol error in download test". The second part of the test seems to be fine: "port is open. Your network is properly configured".

Maybe its a coincidence, but it seems whenever I manually randomize the port, I get a momentary boost in speed, to around 30kb/s, which is still way bellow what I used to register, but still better than the 1-2kb/s I have going most of the time. This goes down preety fast tough, after around 10-15 seconds.

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Your connection settings should be same as this


Along with a port number that is forwarded.

THEN close down the client completely, wait about one minute then restart uTorrent this will ensure that the correct port number is broadcast to the network. Then allow some time for the client connections to be made BEFORE worrying about speeds.

With only a total of EIGHT connections, over three jobs data rates ARE going to be extremely 'spiky'

Graph of my client


17 jobs, 11 active, ~120 connections, 30 second resolution.

As you can see it spikes, and that is perfectly normal

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My preferences are all the same as those and I can see the correct ports being fowarded in my modem's port list as soon as I turn on the client. I really dont think this is a ports problem... I am used to spiking in my speeds, thats very normal, but when I have 10 highly seeded torrents and not one of them can climb above 1kb/s, I'm preety sure there must be a problem in there... regardless, thank you for trying to help.

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