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RSS Feed wont doanload anymore


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i used utorrent 3.2 and the newest version till one hour ago before i switche now back to 2.2.1 for testing. I checked my RSS Feed if it works and saw that the torrents inside the RSS Feed wont load anymore.

They just say "Status: RSS", some say "downloadet before" but the new ones stay at Status RSS. If i click them with the right mouse button and select "download" they wont start downloading. If i select "open in browser" then it opens the website and instantly the torrent file. I can start that way the torrents, but they still say Status RSS on the feed, even when i already downlaodet the file manually.

Before that happened (not sure if it has to do with this) i used "CCleaner" and it also had the utorrent option selected. I already deleted the RSS feed, addet it new, changed utorrent version, now im back at 2.2.1 and same problem, any idead what i could do to make it work again?

*EDIT* Strange... i tested now on a different PC, and i have the same problem. This is the RSS Feed i use, anyone here has the same problem?


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