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Trouble with Connection Speeds - all rec'd steps followed


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My present problem is that I have no upload/download speed whatsoever. This follows about a month of successful torrenting. About a week ago utorrent started working in a very limited fashion, but even when I used regular torrent downloads (rather than magnets, which were tricky) it would stick at 0% or only start if I restarted utorrent.

Most recently it stopped working altogether.

Preferences > Connection

Port used is a specific value, have checked using http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ that the port is open at my apparent IP address

UPnP port-mapping enabled

NAT-PMP Enabled

Windows Firewall Exception Added

I'm using a Proxy, BTGuard, Socks5. Authentication/proxy for hostname lookups/proxy for p2p are all checked.

All three checks underneath proxy privacy.


Based on a speedtest and a calculator designed for Azureus, I set my bandwidth settings to 1000 max upload rate, 1k global max # of connections, and 288 max connected peers per torrent. 9 Upload slots per torrent.

I KNOW that is high, but I was having the same problem BEFORE I made these settings changes.

UPnP enabled in my router, which is a Comcast Gateway.

The network status light in uTorrent is red w/ exclamation point/sometimes it turns yellow, but the same problem exists.

Windows 7.

AVG, Windows Firewall.

Comcast Cable Blast. Not reached my monthly bandwidth cap.

When I perform the set-up guide, the bandwidth test gives me an x. My upload speed is 8.2mbits. (Again, I know this is high but it was having the same problem on lower settings,and I used the calculator to input these settings). The error message is usually 'Time-out error' or 'Read error,' but now it's 'Server does not support this client.'

The network test is fine, it says my port is open and the network is properly configured.

net.max_halfopen set to 8

TCPIP.sys never modified

EDIT: sometimes, like now, it'll switch to the yellow light and I'll get some limited downloads on some of my torrents. But not all of them, even the ones that have a great ratio.

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