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Suggested documentation update for moving torrent contents


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I have some documentation suggestions related to moving torrent contents. I'm not sure if I should post in Feature Requests or Bug Reports, so I'm choosing neither and just posting here in General.

The main goal is to prevent what keeps happening to me, which is botched attempts to move things around both inside and outside of µTorrent, with a lot of trial and error to get things moved to the right spot.

User Manual, Chapter 3 > Migrating to Another Location > Moving Torrent Contents ... here's what it currently says:

This process, if you haven't already figured it out, might require the most amount of time out of any of the "migration" processes, as it might require that you allow µTorrent to verify the data integrity of the torrent contents after the move. What's time consuming isn't really the procedure itself, but the fact that rechecking can take a lot of time, depending on the torrent contents' sizes, and how many different torrent jobs you want to move. All that's needed when you're moving torrent contents is that you stop the torrent job in µTorrent, move the torrent contents to wherever you need them to be, set the download location for each associated torrent job for the moved contents, and start the torrent job. If µTorrent doesn't recognize the existing data, stop the torrent job and force re-check for each relevant torrent job.

Here's what I think is needed, and forgive me for making it Windows-specific (right-click, F2), so adjust accordingly for other clients:

1. Add a paragraph break after "... torrent jobs you want to move."

2. Replace everything after that break with something like the following, which would have helped me immensely:

The torrent content is either a single file or a single folder, and it can be renamed and/or moved to a different location. When it's a folder, though, things inside the folder cannot be renamed. Everything should be OK as long as in µTorrent, the torrent name (Name column) matches the content name (the actual file or folder name on disk), and the Save Directory column points to the content location, which is its parent folder.

If the content hasn't yet been moved, the best option is to right-click on the torrent in µTorrent and choose Advanced, Set Download Location. Select a folder and the content will immediately be moved there, even if the torrent job is active. If you also want to change the content name, then change the torrent name in µTorrent before doing the move. (You can change the name by selecting the torrent job and either single-clicking on the Name or pressing F2.)

If the content has already been moved, or you want to move it without using µTorrent, you must do the following: 1. Stop the torrent job in µTorrent. 2. Move the torrent content to its new home, if it's not there already. 3. If you want to change the torrent content's file or folder name, do so now, and then in µTorrent, change the torrent name to match. 4. In µTorrent, right-click on the torrent and choose Advanced, Set Download Location. Select the torrent content's parent folder. 5. You will be prompted "File move target [whatever] already exists. Overwrite?". If you choose Yes, the existing content will be erased and you will need to re-download; probably the answer you want is No. If you were not prompted, then you probably chose the wrong folder, or the torrent name in µTorrent doesn't match the content name on disk. 6. Before starting the torrent job, right-click on it and choose Force Re-check.

The content location can be set for multiple torrents at once by first selecting the jobs (hold Shift or Ctrl while choosing), and then doing the right-click, Advanced, Set Download Location on one of them. You will be prompted multiple times for a destination folder.

3. To reduce confusion, when Set Download Location is chosen, the folder selection dialog should start one level up from where it does now. Right now, it starts *in* the current folder, so the choices of subfolders presented are somewhat misleading. When the content is a folder, it's probably one of the choices presented, which makes it easy to think that you're choosing where to put the content folder's contents, rather than where to put the content folder itself. If the dialog instead started one level up, you would see the current folder as one of the choices. This would help reinforce the user's understanding of what they're choosing.

4. This is more of a bug report... if you select multiple torrent jobs, and then do the right-click, Advanced, Set Download Location, the highlighting of which ones have been selected gets kind of weird. Some lines appear to be unselected. This is just a cosmetic issue, but should be fixed.

Thanks for listening.

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