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Lost download button


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I've lost the small download button which appeared above the large one on the page which comes up after selecting the torrent from search.

To explain: I type in the name of film I wish for into the search box on RHS top.

I then select my choice from the list of fillms and double click on it.

The next page is the one with the download info, such as whether it is fake etc. Normally I download using the download button just above the large one. However this has disappeared!

Normally this button is quick in that it brings up the file contents before allowing you to place on Utorrent download page.

I've tried the other buttons surrounding the downlad info page but they all seem to have Trojan orses attached or they want you to use their method of downloading.

I've been using Utorrent for over 10 years but this is the first time this button has disappeared.

Any advice/help appreciated

Answers to mnnovens@yahoo.com if possible, please.

Many thanks,

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