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"Set download location..." bug still there in 1.9.0


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I updated to 1.9.0 (29088) a couple of days ago and first of all it hangs very frequently: Sometimes when I start it, sometimes when I switch to it. It just gives me the spinning beach ball until I force quit...Anyone else experiencing this? I'm on 10.7.5.

And I'm also still seeing the bug I reported several months ago:

Sometimes when I download through a magnet link and try to move it using right-click-->Advanced-->"Set download location...", it will move the entire contents of my /Downloads folder to the new location...

First I though it could have something to do with the root folder of the torrent having really long names, because it seems that the newly created destination folder´s name gets truncated. Could there be some length limit somewhere that's causing trouble?

Also, because I'm using magnet links, most of the times when I move the torrent it's before it even starts downloading -- But I can't swear that it hasn't happened while downloading...


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