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Version 3.3 stable Disk Overload


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Today, I noticed the disk overload and speed crashing down to almost nil. Have been away from utorrent for months, because of this reason and speed issues. The speed remains consistent n fine now, but this Overload ruptures the whole thing.

Also,I wanna know few things :

a. During installation I noticed the installer downloading a small file from net ..named like smp.exe (forgotten the exact name). What is that ?? (Using utorrent 3.3 Stable from utorrent.com) Why such behind the scene installation when already downloaded 1 Mb file. Please, be transparent.

b. The Statistics shows that Total downloaded : 10 GB (Does it include Network Overhead ?? I have barely downloaded 7 GB) and Total Uploaded : 639 Mb [My ISP is too conserved in maintaining Download/Upload speed :( ] and Last 31 days Transfer transfer : 12.1 Gb (Using this version for last 2 days ) . Is this a bug ??

{rather, I was using diff. client (only demerit was it used to feast on CPU), returned to our fav., lightwt. utorrent in the hope this is 2013 and people now have access to 1 Gb/s internet ; though I use 1 mbit/s connection :/}

c. Even though unchecked The Featured content ..it shows up ..why ?? Advertisement on the side is okay; but Feat. Content on the top looks odd.

Instead of a manual remedy; we would appreciate if future release would take care of that automatically.

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My drive is compressed ,Could it issue the problem?

Possibly. Even - most likely. If so, there is nothing much you can do about it, except increasing the cache size, and even this would be short lived. Using a RAM drive + move after the download is another option .

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